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  • 'The Martian' Trailer Features Matt Damon, Duct Tape, And Science

    via - 20th Century Fox released the trailer for their new movie The Martian today. The film, based on the bestselling book by Andy Weir, stars Matt Damon as Mark Watney, an astronaut who finds himself stranded on Mars after a storm forces an evacuation of a human habitat.

    June 08, 2015Read More
  • Why Hollywood Is Hooking Up With Tinder, Grindr for Movie, TV and Music Projects

    via - As fewer millennials watch TV, industry execs are “swiping right” on dating apps for everything from Melissa McCarthy’s “Spy” to Mariah Carey’s “Infinity”

    June 03, 2015Read More
  • It's Baaaack: Poltergeist Reboot Revives 'Haunted' Franchise

    via - On May 22, after a 27-year hiatus, a reboot of Poltergeist will be released in theaters nationwide, bringing the franchise back to life (afterlife?). It’s an updated take on the original, produced by Sam Raimi, directed by Gil Kenan and starring Sam Rockwell and Rosemarie DeWitt. This year’s model will be 3-D, giving the noisy ghosts plenty of opportunity to hurl stuff straight into moviegoers’ faces.

    May 19, 2015Read More